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Haha! I really like that! Kind of wierd, but meh, tis good!


I see you've changed the lyrics a bit :P. Still super awesomly amazing!!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

yeah... i didn't want to do it word for word... cheers for watching!


Funny dude!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

hahaha... cheers man!

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For the dude below me. You upgrade your guns to make them stronger idiot.
Game's amazing!!


K3MCAB, let me explain to you why you suck at this game.

This game is about patience, clearly, you don't have any. I bet you research everything when you can and then your disease grows too quickly and everyone shuts down their borders before you can infect them.
I know this because I had started the game and got a couple of resistances. But I had to top playing cos it was my dinner. I come back up, and every country was infected, death toll not very high, but, i even got Madagascar. Then I got more symptoms, resistances, the vaccine failed, and I win.

The reason people get cured is because the virus or whateva, dies. When you get resistances, they can survive better in the cold, heat etc. So if you get them you disease has a better chance of survival

Burning bodies stops the disease in the dead bodies infecting other people. Closing schools stops infection of children. And, measures they take.

-Gas masks, stops you inhaling the disease after it's airborne.
-Killing bugs and rodents prevents them carrying the disease and infecting you. --Hading out water gives people clean water if the water is infected.
-Curfews make people be home by a certain time, or to stay at home.
-Martial law gives the military the rule.

This game is incredibly realistic, don't tell me it isn't. This game isn't perfect, not far from it, but it's 1 trillion time better than EoM.


Just A crappy version of mastermind

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xD, made me laugh! This is the best use of anyone's time if they ever have a harmonica, just make something brutal out of it xD!

Also, I just wanna clear up, I meant to say the solo's not bad on my review for shoot me again >.<, just I missed out the 'not'. Silly me ¬¬

Schleif responds:

haha it's bad compared to this! the pinnacle of musical perfection! thanks man, keep rocking m/

Fuck me you've improved a hell of a lot since the last time I listened to your stuff! Very brutal!! Composition is pretty fucking awesome. Only critisism I have is maybe the solo could be reworked, but it's bad, other than that, it's pretty fucking epic! Nice one!! ^^

Schleif responds:

haha, thanks man! good to see you around! ye, the solo isn't that spectacular. i guess i prioritized the anger. as usual haha. thanks a lot bro, i'm glad you like it. very much appreciated!

Very awesome! Loving the riffs, your vocals are amazing and the lyrics are pretty awesome too. Kinda reminds me a little bit of Godsmack :P. You're almost too talented for words! Love it ^^

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you muchly, brother. Glad you dig it!

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