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xD, made me laugh! This is the best use of anyone's time if they ever have a harmonica, just make something brutal out of it xD!

Also, I just wanna clear up, I meant to say the solo's not bad on my review for shoot me again >.<, just I missed out the 'not'. Silly me ¬¬

Schleif responds:

haha it's bad compared to this! the pinnacle of musical perfection! thanks man, keep rocking m/

Fuck me you've improved a hell of a lot since the last time I listened to your stuff! Very brutal!! Composition is pretty fucking awesome. Only critisism I have is maybe the solo could be reworked, but it's bad, other than that, it's pretty fucking epic! Nice one!! ^^

Schleif responds:

haha, thanks man! good to see you around! ye, the solo isn't that spectacular. i guess i prioritized the anger. as usual haha. thanks a lot bro, i'm glad you like it. very much appreciated!

Very awesome! Loving the riffs, your vocals are amazing and the lyrics are pretty awesome too. Kinda reminds me a little bit of Godsmack :P. You're almost too talented for words! Love it ^^

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you muchly, brother. Glad you dig it!

awesome ^^

Hey man, haven't listened to your music for a while, but man have you improved. I love pretty much all the lead sections on this song. And your vocals, they're so different from anything I've ever heard, I love it. Keep metal! \m/

Schleif responds:

damn, haven't seen you in ages! good to hear from ya, dude. glad you like!


That solo was fantastic! And it's all prety awesome, the only thing to do is make it longer :)

wilb0b responds:

yeah i wrote myself into a wall lol so idk where to go with this.


XD! Where did you get the inspiration for this one? This is just messed up XD!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

ah, i wish i knew where the inspiration came from - then i could have some brain surgery and cut that part of my brain out and possibly live a normal(er) life :D

seriously, though, I can usually remember a story behind the song but I wrote the lyrics more than a year ago and never got around to finishing the recording till last night.

I'm glad that I finally did, though! Thanks for the review!


My comment on fists of stone: "You, this song, every single song you've made, everysingle lyric you've written, everysingle song you'll make in the future are all godly. Even your little toe on your left foot is godly. Everything positive related to you godly. Godly, Godly, godly."

This song justifies that statement :)

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

lol - how about my toejam? i say it stinks something ungodly.

glad you got to hear them NS... it's people like you that keep me making more :D


XD Wow! My were you smokin when you came up with this haha! Wow, just amazing XD. "My poo was hot and runny" XD

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

haha... i was smokin' nothin' but air man that's the beauty of it... i think i must've been dropped in a vat of lsd as a baby... it has given me the amazing superpower of spazbrain


YAY!! God has returned! Sounds awesome. The mixing on the guitars and drums could have been a bit better in my opinion, but still awesome. So fucking glad your back! :D

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

haha, cheers NS jeez i was starting to wonder if you were going to hear these :P


Wow! Haha, this is just pure awesomeness! And haha, "I pull off infants legs" XD. I love it, fast and heavy, can't get better than that!

Schleif responds:

why thank you kind sir. keep rocking \m/

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